Youth Programs

Rainbow Circles (pre-school through 5th grade)

Classes are grouped by grade and adapted to the individual needs of the children.

  • Pre-School ~ 4 years old through kindergarten
  • 1st and 2nd grade
  • 3rd through 5th grade

Guided by the teachings of Jesus the Christ, our program strives to remind the children of their divine essence and provide them with opportunities to share their magnificence.

Lessons are based on Unity’s five basic principles:

  1. The only true power in the Universe is God, and God is good.
  2. The Christ Spirit is alive in everyone and everything.
  3. Through the power of God, my thoughts can change my life.
  4. I can choose to let go of hurtful things. I can choose to think loving thoughts.
  5. I can talk to God. I can listen to God. I can use the truth I am learning.

Lesson plans are experiential and include music, meditation, laughter, building relationships, conversation, crafts, games, dancing, play-acting, and prayer. Through these media of creative expression, we allow Spirit to express through us, and we experience our divinity as co-creators with God. Curriculum materials are available for anyone who would like further information.

For more about Rainbow Circles, call the Center office: (952) 895-0745.

Uniteens (ages 11-14)

Unity of the Valley Uniteens are youth ages 11–14 in grades 6 to 8.

Uniteens meet on Sunday mornings during the service and at other times to socialize, do service projects, and attend Unitreats. The group is led by a team of trained and experienced volunteers. On Sunday mornings, we use Unity curriculum written to engage Uniteens wherever they are on their individual paths. We practice the spiritual tools of prayer, meditation, affirmations, and sharing from our hearts together in a safe and loving space.

Uniteen events have included packaging food at Feed My Starving children, presenting the 12 Powers candle-lighting service, teaching Rainbow Circles classes, hosting lunch fundraisers, a sliding and skating party, rock climbing and swimming at Dakotah Fitness, camping overnight, having a lock-in at our spiritual center, and hosting other Twin Cities Uniteens for a dance. In both spring and fall, a Unitreat is held in Wisconsin for all Uniteens and their leaders from our Great Lakes Unity Region. Unitreats are weekend events where we experience spiritual growth and create friendships.


For more information about the Uniteens, call the Center office: (952) 895-0745. 

Y.O.U. ~ Youth of Unity (ages 15-18)

Youth of Unity (Y.O.U.) is a spiritual group for high school teenagers (grades 9-12) that meets on Sunday at 10:00 AM.

In Y.O.U. we get to know ourselves, each other, and especially our spiritual beliefs. We learn the Unity principles and practices and grow spiritually through reading, discussion, activities, service projects, meditations, games, music and more. We learn about and practice prayer and affirmations. We encourage questions and enjoy varied and deep conversation. We realize that we choose our spiritual beliefs, and this is often the time that we begin to truly form our own. We believe that acceptance and non-judgment are very important, and practice those qualities with one another, creating a safe and sacred space where we feel accepted. 

We attend two regional retreats per year, in June and October, and one sub-regional retreat in April, to connect with other Y.O.U. teens from the Great Lakes Region. At our retreats we grow spiritually as we experience friendship, connection, trust and love . . . and we have lots of fun!

For more information about the Y.O.U., call the Center office: (952) 895-0745.