Prayer Chaplain Ministry

Unity of the Valley Prayer Chaplains

Prayer Chaplains are members of our spiritual center who are trained to support you. They hold sacred space, listen with love, pray from their hearts, affirm that God is greater than any situation, and hold what they hear in confidence. They are available to pray with you after Sunday services and they make monthly prayer support calls to members.

You are invited to place your prayer requests in the prayer box at the center. Requests are prayed for at the Sunday services and weekly by the prayer chaplains. After a month in prayer at Unity of the Valley, prayer requests are sent to Silent Unity, where they are held in prayer for another 30 days.

If you would like to speak with someone in person on the phone and request prayer, you can call Silent Unity 24 hours a day. Information is below. 

Silent Unity

For additional prayer support, please call Silent Unity 1-816-969-2000. For more information about Silent Unity prayer support, click here to go to the website:

Tuesday Meditation

Every Tuesday from 11:00-11:30 a.m. a prayer chaplain leads the same gentle, empowering meditation that's being held concurrently at Unity Village in Missouri. Partly guided and partly silent, the meditation is accompanied by quiet, relaxing music. This meditation is currently being held on Facebook Live at the designated time.

Prayer for Humanity

As we relax into the Oneness of All That Is, let us know the Truth—that the Love, Peace, and Intelligence of Life Itself is everywhere present.

It is eternal, All-knowing, All-powerful, and more magnificent than the human mind can conceive.

Because this Life is the only thing that is Real, Lasting and Everywhere Present, all of us must be a part of this magnificence.

Let’s know and declare in this time of great challenges:

. . . that anything out of harmony with this Perfect Peaceful Presence is temporary and not the Ultimate Truth;

. . . that everything that happens is meant to help us learn how to express the Love that we are;

. . . and that we agreed to be here at this time and play the parts we are playing.

We affirm we are safe and secure, knowing we are One with Eternal Life Itself.

We call upon Spirit, including our Higher Selves, to support us all in our learning and guide us to bring about a new age of peace within and peace on Earth.

And so it is.