[Please note that for the time being, any rentals must comply with the state recommended protocols and guidelines due to the pandemic. We pray that this situation will soon be a thing of the past.]

Unity of the Valley offers beautiful spaces for Memorials, Weddingsand other functions. Click here for more information and call our office for availability: 952-895-0745. 

Memorial Services

Celebrating the life of a loved one. . .

At Unity of the Valley, we create a memorial service that best reflects the wishes and desires of the family and the departed. On the one hand, we encourage a celebration of the life to honor and recognize the life of the departed and the meaningfulness of that life to others. On the other hand, we recognize the deep feelings of loss that may be present among family and friends and we support the grieving process.

We offer both formal and informal services, working with the family to provide meaning, honor, and respect for the life of the departed. Memorials are a time of “heart” and oftentimes death is a powerful spiritual teacher, for as our hearts may open in pain, great love and spiritual connection may ensue.


Memorial Services at Unity of the Valley Spiritual Center

$250.00    Use of the Sanctuary (two hours)                                                
$250.00    *Skylight Room (two hours)                                                          
$250.00    The Minister’s services, including one meeting with family           
$100.00    The sound technician                                                                  
$  50.00    *Administrative services, including a program                              
$200.00    *Music Director                                                                            
$  50.00    Custodian clean-up                                                                     

Total suggested fees:  $1,150.00

Fees are subject to review on a case-by-case basis. This is a suggested love offering. No member or regular attendee will be denied a service. Members are given a 10 percent discount.

Optional items are use of the Skylight Room (for refreshments or a meal afterward--food not included or to be arranged), the music director’s services if you have taped music, and administrative services if the family chooses not to have Unity of the Valley provide a program.

Contact Information

Please call the Center at (952) 895-0745 for more information. The office is open T-Th, 11-3 or leave a message and someone will call you back.

Or you may email the office at