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Sunday Service Presentation and Afternoon Mediumship Event with Christina Rawls, Ph.D.

Sunday, February 19 Service 10:00 a.m.
"Strengthening Belief Through Evidence of the Afterlife"

Evidential medium and spirit photographer Dr. Christina Rawls will present scientific, experiential, and philosophical evidence for the afterlife and show examples of her spirit orb photography. She finds that strengthening our belief in the afterlife through rigorous research and experiences with reliable mediums helps us eliminate our fear of death, adds to our understanding about the reality of our souls, and helps us heal from loss of loved ones. It promotes the understanding that we are energy and love and chose to be here on Earth again and again to learn how to expand that love. Dr. Rawls wants to inspire us to use our free will and time on Earth for soul growth. When we “die,” the only thing we lose is our physical body.

Mediumship Experience and Orb Photography

Sunday, February 19, 11:45 a.m.-2:45 p.m.
Cost: $40-prepay to participate; $25-observe only
Limited to 10 participants so all will have the opportunity to
connect with someone of their choice in spirit.

Register here to participate in this session
Register here to observe session only

Christina will go into a partial trance to connect with her own guides and those in spirit whom participants wish to contact. Through Christina, her guides communicate with the spirits who have come for those in the room. Then they give specific evidence to identify each visiting spirit and what they wish to say to the person who wants to contact them. Messages are always loving, kind, compassionate, evidential, specific, joyous, healing (sometimes they apologize) and often very humorous when appropriate. Sometimes the guides also give their own messages for all participants. For the last half hour, Christina will photograph the spirit orb emanations appearing in the room and share her results.

**Observation Only:

Christina is willing to include people who wish to observe only. She says, "I feel that observation is also sacred, and this is a sacred space with very healing messages that come from Spirit to those in the room who would like messages." Therefore, we have added separate registration for Observation Only for $25.

About Dr. Christina Rawls

Christina’s first near-death experience (NDE) was the day she was born, and she had her first past-life memory at age five. She spent many years as both a clinical counselor and philosophy professor, co-founding the Society for Women in Philosophy permanent archive at Brown University's Pembroke Center for Feminist Theory.
In 2021, she chose to leave full-time teaching at Roger Williams University to pursue her calling as an evidential medium and spirit photographer. She wanted to assist others with healing from grief, providing connection to their loved ones between the two worlds. She also wanted to spread understanding and learning about spirit orbs.
Christina has been taking spirit photos since 2007 and has three e-books on that subject (e.g., May the Orbs Be with You) and aspects of mediumship (see Amazon). She presented a spirit orb photo demonstration at the annual International Association of Near Death Studies conference in 2022.
Visit her website for resources, podcasts, photos, and testimonials:


The Valley Book Club

Third Monday of the month, starting February 20
1 - 2:30 p.m. in the 12 Powers Room

Real Wealth by Rev. Phil Smedstad

Would you like to be able to surrender to success—in the fullest sense of the word—rather than trying to succeed by manipulating life, others, yourself, and God? ... Unconditional love, the power of creation, vibrant energy, the wisdom of the universe—all these and more lie within each of us waiting to be uncovered and expressed.

Rev. Phil Smedstad, our Minister of Record, has generously donated copies of his book Real Wealth to our Center! Pick up a copy of Real Wealth in our bookstore for a donation. (Retails at $14.95) "Applying the principles in this book will not only change your prosperity consciousness, it will enrich every area of your life." (The Rev. Jerome Stefaniak)

Please bring thoughts for discussion. Open to all!

“The Birth of the Christ in You”
Series of Two Classes with Rev. Phil Smedstad

Sunday March 5 & 12, 11:30 a.m.-1:00 p.m.
Unity of the Valley Spiritual Center

Register here

In Unity, we celebrate Christmas as the birth of Jesus, our older brother, master-teacher, and way-shower. We also celebrate Christmas as the birth of the Christ in each of us. What is this birth, and how do we go from knowing about it to actually experiencing it?

In these two Sunday afternoon classes through lecture, discussion, and gentle exercises, you will have the opportunity to experience this inner birth in four different ways.

On March 5, we will focus on how to:
•    Live life as an expression of the Divine Love that we are – loving ourselves, extending love, and receiving love.
•    Fully accept our Divine Power of Creation and realize that life always happens THROUGH us, not TO us. This means that we can always create the life we want.

On March 12, we will focus on how to:
•    Tune into our Divine Guidance so we can always know the path that     will result in our highest good.
•    Tap into our Divine Aliveness, that deep well of energy that wants to express itself through each of us.

The birth of the Christ in us is both a learning and an unlearning. It is learning to accept – and then express – our Divine qualities. It is also an unlearning of any of the limiting beliefs we learned or accepted in our younger years.

Rev. Audrey Peterson's Latest Book! 

In Navigating the Spiritual Life, you'll find thought-provoking ideas, edifying spiritual principles, metaphysical explanations for mystifying Bible stories, and a boatload of inspiration. 

Unity of the Valley's founding minister Audrey Peterson delivers it all in messages that make you think and warm your heart. These selected talks are only a few of approximately nine hundred Sunday messages Audrey gave over her career as a Licensed Unity Teacher and ordained Unity Minister. 

The book is available at Unity of the Valley and on Amazon. If you buy the book at Unity, all proceeds go to our Center (thank you, Audrey!). If you buy through AmazonSmile, Amazon donates 0.5% of the purchase price to Unity of the Valley. (Click Here)  ~ Enjoy! ~

Friendship Potluck
February 26th After Service!

Bring something to share if you can, and come for fun
and socializing after the service. Hope to see you there!



Tuesdays, 11:00-11:30 am, free

Broadcast Live on Unity of the Valley's Facebook Page

This same meditation is happening concurrently at Unity Village and other Unity centers. It alternates affirmative prayer and silence.