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Unity of the Valley offers beautiful spaces for Classes as well a Memorials, Weddings, and other functions. Click here for more information and call our office for availability: 952-895-0745.

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The Valley Book Club

Second Tuesday of the month,
October 10 ~ 1 - 2:30 p.m.

We will continue reviewing The Wisdom of The Council: Channeled Messages for Living Your Purpose by Sara Landon.

The Wisdom of the Council is an entirely channeled book of messages by The Council, a group of ascended master beings. Their messages are both empowering and gentle, and guide you towards ascending to a new level of consciousness, stepping into the greatest version of you, and recognizing that you have the ability to create your own Heaven on Earth—a new way of perceiving your human experience.

The Council assures us that we have the power to be the Creators of our lives. And from the Council's perspective, it's all done already—we already have this Creator energy within us and it's just a matter of aligning with that frequency. The Council encourages us to expand our consciousness and awareness so we can go beyond our thinking mind. Only then can we expand our potential, come into alignment with who we truly are, manifest from a place of wholeness rather than lack, and ultimately live out our destiny.

Anyone is welcome to join in. It's free!

Friendship Potluck
September 24 After Service!

Bring something to share if you can, and come for fun and socializing after the service. NOTE: We won't have access to a stove and limited refrigerator space so we are asking people bring goodies like you were going to a picnic. We will be joined by the congregants of the Presbyterian Church of the Apostle. Great chance to meet the new people who have generously opened up part of their building to us. Hope to see you there!


Series of 5 classes with

Rev. Lyle Schlundt
Time: 6:30-8:30 p.m.
Part 1: Closed
Part 2: Oct. 19-Nov. 16

Tuition is $50

Rev. Lyle Schlundt is offering a class on metaphysics based on the book Heart-Centered Metaphysics: A Deeper Look at Unity Teachings by Paul Hasselbeck, a Unity minister. The class is divided into two parts, each five weeks long, on Thursday evenings. There will be a one-week break in between the two parts. A sign-up sheet is available when you come for services, or register with links below.

Metaphysics explores spiritual beliefs\concepts that are above and beyond the physical plane. It focuses on the nature of Oneness from a Unity perspective. Come and join in lively discussion for inspiration, understanding, and fellowship with like-minded souls.

In this class, Rev. Lyle will be exploring how to become a heart-centered person by embodying and expressing the spiritual concepts of Oneness and Divine Ideas, Principles/Laws that can help us in everyday life.

Please read the first nine chapters to register for Part 2 and pay full tuition.

In Metaphysics 2, we’ll explore basic Unity teachings around God, Jesus, the Christ, and humankind. These topics are important to the deeper understanding of our True Nature and the application of Divine laws and principles in our everyday lives so we can truly be heart-centered metaphysicians.

Metaphysics Part 2: Register Here

Medium Dr. Christina Rawls Returns!

"Life Goes On: True Stories of Channeled Encounters with Loved Ones in Spirit"
Sunday Service Talk and Afternoon Mediumship Event
Sunday, September 24, 10 a.m. Service

Evidential medium and spirit photographer Dr. Christina Rawls returns to tell fascinating stories of healing and connection between this world and the next.

Mediumship Experience and Orb Photography

Sunday, September 24, 12 to approx. 3 p.m. after the service and potluck

Cost: $40 to receive a reading and $25 to observe. Limited to 12 participants (readings) and 12 observers.

Healthy, respectful skepticism welcome, but keep an open mind!

Christina is an evidential trance medium, going into a partial trance to connect with her own guides and those in spirit whom participants wish to contact. Through her and the guides, those spirits provide clear, specific evidence of who they are and what they wish to communicate. For the last half hour, Christina will do spirit photography of the spirits in the room appearing as orbs of light and share her results.

Register here

More about Dr. Christina Rawls

Christina spent many years as both a clinical counselor and philosophy professor. In 2021, she chose to leave full-time teaching to pursue a vocation and heartfelt calling as an evidential medium and spirit photographer. She’s been taking spirit photos since 2007 and has three e-books on that subject and aspects of mediumship. Christina wishes to dispel fear of death and bring healing to the bereaved. She offers private tutoring on a sliding fee for those who wish to learn beginning mediumship. You’re invited to peruse her website for resources, podcasts, photos, and testimonials:



Tuesdays, 11:00-11:30 am, free

Broadcast Live on Unity of the Valley's Facebook Page

This same meditation is happening concurrently at Unity Village and other Unity centers. It alternates affirmative prayer and silence.