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Unity of the Valley offers beautiful spaces for Classes as well a Memorials, Weddings, and other functions. Click here for more information and call our office for availability: 952-895-0745.

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Drumming Circle

Wednesday, May 25 ~  7 – 8:30 pm

"If you can talk, you can sing. If you can walk,
you can dance.” 
― Katherine Applegate

And we say if your heart beats, you can drum.
Join our Community Family Friendly Drum Circle.
Drums and percussion instruments available. Love offering.

New Member Class - Sundays

June 5, June 12 and June 26 ~ 11:45 am

These three New Member Classes will be held after the service and a light lunch to start each Sunday around 11:45 am. Class session #1 will cover Unity Principles, History of Unity, and History of Unity of the Valley. Session #2 will cover Who We Are, What We Believe, How We Practice, and our Mission, Vision and Core Values statements. Session #3 will cover the Law of Abundance, Law of Attraction, Organization of Unity of the Valley, and the Roles and Responsibilities of Membership. Current members are invited to attend as a refresher. Anyone interested in attending should send an email to with their name and phone number.

Why Become a Member?

Please join us at Unity of the Valley Spiritual Center and help build our strong, inclusive, diverse and loving community. Join in making a commitment to yourself and to each other. Membership enriches and deepens spiritual experience as we share our spiritual journey.

Member Commitment
Unity of the Valley Members commit to...

    Their own spiritual path
    Tithe their time, talent, and treasure, as they are guided by Spirit

Member Benefits
Unity of the Valley Members can...

    Vote at all Unity of the Valley community meetings and at the October Annual Meeting; non-members can attend, but not vote
    Vote in Board of Trustee elections
    Vote on major decisions as presented by the Board
    Receive monthly prayer calls from our Prayer Chaplains
    Serve on the Board of Trustees
    Become Prayer Chaplains
    Become Licensed Unity Teachers

Children under 18 can become members but are not allowed to vote until they are 18.

Activating Unity Principles in a Post-Pandemic World

Wednesdays, May 4 – June 8
Two times offered /  Zoom Online only
AM Session 10:30 – noon  (Central)
PM Session 6:30 – 8:00 pm (Central)
Suggested love offering: $10/session

What has been weighing heavy on your heart lately? Has there been sense of overwhelm, unrest, fear, anxiety? There has been for myself and that’s when I was called back to the ‘basics.’ The Five Principles, as described in Ellen Debenport’s classic book, provides a consistent foundation from which we are empowered to transform our lives and be a powerful presence for good in the world.

To obtain the Zoom link and further class information please register by sending an email to

Facilitated by Rev. Lisa Herklotz

Max Meditation

Tuesday, May 24 – 7:00 PM

Please join us for a evening of meditation using the Max Meditation System (TM). It is based on a fusion of ancient techniques of Yoga and Mind Acrobatics combined with modern techniques of Psychology and Neuro-linguistic Programming. It includes relaxation, passive meditation, active meditation and guided visualization.Love offering of $20. Register here.

Hosted by: Katherine Belisle

Stay "Tuned"!

Wednesdays, June 15 and June 22

6:30 pm

Join Timothy Frantzich for his Perfection-Free Singing Circle at Unity of the Valley! Practice up in the shower, then come sing! Open your chakras, add to your joy vibration! No need to read music. Love offering basis.



Tuesdays, 11:00-11:30 am, free

Broadcast Live on Unity of the Valley's Facebook Page

This same meditation is happening concurrently at Unity Village and other Unity centers. It alternates affirmative prayer and silence.



Weekly Wednesday Classes via Zoom, 7-8:15 PM Central Time

Presented by spiritual teacher LYNN WOODLAND and generously offered for a donation to Unity of the Valley. Thank you, Lynn!

The course is an ongoing program of spiritual and personal transformation aimed at living a miraculous life. Classes include information and exercises for applying spiritual principles every day. They are experiential and interactive, and you'll have the opportunitiy to ask questions and receive personal input from Lynn.

Drop in for any class or attend regularly. Each season addresses different content.

PLEASE DONATE HERE for the classes you take or use the DONATE button (top right) on this website


LYNN WOODLAND, creator of the Miracles Course, is the author of Holding a Butterfly-An Experiment in Miracle-Making and The Breakthrough Point-A Spiritual Activist's Guide to Thriving in a Modern World. She is an international teacher and human potential expert with a decades-long career in transpersonal psychology, human motivation, spiritual healing, and mind-body psychology. Her particular expertise is in what gives rise to miracles and in teaching ordinary people to live extraordinary lives so that miracles become not just possible but natural. See, and direct questions and comments related to this class to:



Please accept this gift, available for a limited time.

Unity of the Valley sponsored Debra's webinar/workshop Free Yourself for More Joy! to help anyone who is ready and willing to release and clear any stuck energies of judgment from the past and open to a brighter future of joy in 2021!

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Below are descriptions of the five classes along with their links to purchase for only $15 each. Please click on the corresponding link below its title.


Do you feel that fear and uncertainty hold back or keep you stick in life? Do you find yourself worried over relationships or situations that you feel powerless to change? Those fears can wear us out and make it hard to live with contentment and joy. But with a simple technique, you can ask for healing and see the struggles in life fade away.

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What if you had an individual or team to give you direction when you're confused, encourage you when you're down, help you make everyday decisions, and give you endless resources for creative ideas? Well, good news! You DO have that--24/7 in the form of your spirit guides. Do you know how to get in touch with your guides?

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Ever wonder what your purpose is in life? You may feel pressured to find it, thinking it's a job title or lifetime achievement. This class helps you take a fresh look at your purpose and understand the uniquely beautiful light you're here to shine in the world. The answer to "What are you here for?" is even more profound-and much simpler-than you think!

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In a world that seems more complex each day, you can simplify your work, relationships, health, and finances by focusing on the power of one: one goal, one function, one job, one choice. This workshop will give you the practical tools and everyday applications you need to replace stress and overwhelm with joy and ease.

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What happens when you put these two compatible superpowers to work in your life? We'll look at the key teachings of both and see how you can combine them, multiplying your power to manifest whatever you desire. This is a 90-minute workshop.

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DEBRA LANDWEHR ENGLE is the #1 bestselling author of The Only Little Prayer You Need: The Shortest Route to a Life of Joy, Abundance and Peace of Mind, featuring a foreword by the Dalai Lama.

Her book, Let Your Spirit Guides Speak, includes practical ways for readers to build a relationship with their spiritual guidance. It received a Nautilus Award, honoring "better books for a better world."

Debra's third book on spirituality, Be the Light That You Are: Ten Simple Ways to Transform Your World with Love, inspires readers to put their spiritual practice in action and provides concrete ways to do so. It, too, won a Nautilus Silver Award.

Her debut novel, called Twenty, was released in January 2020 and is an Amazon #1 bestseller.
It deals with themes of loss and hope in midlife and has an intriguing aspect of mystery.

A student of A Course in Miracles for the past 30 years, Debra teaches classes and workshops in the Course. In addition, she mentors writers one-on-one and at international retreats, helping them develop books that matter.

You can contact Debra at


If you have an idea for a group, course, or class and/or want to lead one, please contact the office 952-895-0745 or email