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Debbie is presenting four talks and a series of four workshops at Unity of the Valley on the Four Mainstays of Regret-Free Living. She presented the first talk and workshop on December 29, and it was enthusiasticaly received. That workshop was titled Meaning~Purpose~Passion. Although it's recommended, it's not necessary to take all the workshops. Come to the ones you can, and if you can attend the service with the talk, so much the better as the talk and workshop are related. A light snack will be provided for workshop attendees in Jan.-Mar. Debbie's remaining three talks and workshops in the series are as follows:


January 19: Service at 10

TalkOur Most Divine Relationship (is the one we have with ourselves)

Workshop, 11:30am-12:45pm: Bonds~Relationships~Belonging

Who Am I? And what do I need right now? When our individual needs are fulfilled, we feel happy, and the quality of what we give away to others, in whatever form that may be, is heightened and accentuated. Discover the Three Facets of your beingness and what delivers you to your sense of wholeness, while learning to embrace and come into your own personal empowerment. As always, in Debbie's workshops, you will find yourself in moments of insight and Ahas, through experiential exercises and spiritual movement. There will be a meditation to contemplate, release, and prepare a space for the "lifting of your veils." This is your connection to your higher self and higher states of being who you are being in this life. You will have opportunities to share and express throughout this circle. When we express from the highest version of ourselves, we feel our wholeness and find our courage, confidence, and authenticity in new ways.  

Cost of $20 includes a complimentary Discovery session with Coach Debbie if you haven't yet experienced this treat! It's a clarity conversation on a whole new level.

February 16: Service at 10

Talk: Compassion Opens the Door to Graceful Forgiveness

Workshop, 11:30am-12:45pm:  Compassion~Grace~Forgiveness (What comes first?)

When you embrace yourself in compassion, you step into what grace feels like and then create the ultimate space for self-love where forgiveness has already taken place. Life opens up to a whole new level of self-love, elegance, and generosity of spirit. What would life look like then--for yourself and those around you? The workshop will call forth this new beginnng through a heart-centered meditation and visualization, along with an experiential exercise to become clear on what you are being called to be, do, and have in this world. You will walk away with some new tools for your spiritual "toolbox" that will enhance your living and move you forward toward the next be step that's yours to take.

Cost of $20 includes a complimentary Discovery session with Coach Debbie if you haven't yet experienced this treat of crystal clarity!

March 8: Service at 10

TalkFeelings are the Language of the Soul

Workshop, 11:30am-12:45pm: Hopes~Dreams~Desires

We will evaluate the role that Hope plays in your living. Is it a hinderance or an inspiration? What is coming up for you in your physical dreams? And are the dreamy visions that you hold for yourself coming into your reality? We will discuss your desires, not to be confused with your wants, offering a new sense of empowerment! This is a powerful workshop offering you a transformational exercise with magnetizing techniques you most likely have not had an opportunity to experience before. You will find it right here in the energetic space of this workshop. Feelings are the language of the soul. You will learn how to visualize, magnetize, and create yourself as a magnet for that which you desire and then align yourself with that desire. Even more impressive, you will learn how to do this in a matter of minutes, even seconds. Again, we are getting back to spiritual basics and the energy of creating all things.

Cost of $20 includes a complimentary Discovery session with Coach Debbie if you haven't yet experienced this treat of crystal clarity!


It's imperative in this world today that we come together to bring about something new that supports all people. You're invited to join in a to help shift the collective consciousness.This initiative is to give you a voice, support, and a place to participate in making the world a better place for all people. This is an open forum, a discussion group, a collaborative and a place to share ideas, get involved, find resources, and brainstorm new ways. If you would like to participate in helping raise the planet's consciousness to one of Unity, Oneness, and Love, please join us. Facilitated by Jeanne Henderson and Peggy Henrikson.

Meetings are the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of the monthWe currently meet at Unity of the Valley, 4011 West Highway 13, Savage, MN  55378

Thanks in advance for all you do. You are truly a brave, courageous soul and you are needed now!




Come and join us as we listen to and discuss Pema Chodron's video course, The Freedom to Choose Something Different. Learn how patterns and knee-jerk responses can be identified and interrupted, creating more peace on our lives. Facilitated by Pam Carlson and Michelle Murchison.

12 Weeks:  January 9 - March 26, 2020

Thursday Evening, 6:30 - 8 PM ~ Love Offering and $20 materials fee




Doll making is an ancient art that has been a source of personal expression, relaxation, healing, and fun. In this workshop, you will have the opportunity to express yourself by making a doll that speaks to your heart and to your soul. The dolls have a way of speaking back to you, their creator. As you chose from a variety of supplies, each doll will develop its own personality. No two will be the same. It’s a simple process and no special talents are need; just the willingness to play and explore. You may want to come with an intention or come open to what your doll says to you.  Fun is guaranteed!

Supplies provided but you can bring a charm, stone, or other personal item if you wish to include in your creation.

$15 love offering.  Workshop limited to 10 participants  ~     February 9, 11:30


Sandra Van Campen is mental health therapist who has led many art therapy groups. She is a mixed media artist, art journalist, novice painter, and seeker of all things beautiful.  She has taken classes from two nationally known doll makers.  Art has been vital for her in dealing with chronic pain.



Saturday, February 22, 7:00-8:30pm. $20

The frequencies of the Earth and our bodies continue to rise. Sound and vibration meditations help us quickly heal and expand our energy fields. Laurie uses Tibetan and crystal bowls, bells, chimes, gongs and other sound tools during this meditation that guide you to an elevated energetic state. She sees energy, and she works with Divine Light and the frequencies of the universe to align you to the new energy grids. We begin working through the core seven chakras onward to the expanded chakras and fields of energy that are part of our evolution. Many people describe huge shifts in life after attending one of these deep meditations with Laurie. You may sit in a chair during this meditation or lie on the carpeted floor, given available floor space. You may want to bring a pillow and/or blanket.

Laurie uses her gifts as a psychic medium and energy healer with Shamanic practices. She is a communicator of other worlds. Her work with energy, includes acoustic technologies that use sound and vibration for healing and infusion. She is a member of the international Sound Healers Organization. Current readings, classes andretreats can be found on her website:



TUESDAYS, 11:00-11:30 a.m., free

The Meditation Room, led by a Prayer Chaplain

This meditation is the same one happening concurrently at Unity Village. It alternates affirmative prayer and silence.




In the tradition of AA, which has helped millions of people achieve and maintain sobriety over the years, now there is Opiates Anonymous.  OA is the first 12-step-based group in the state of Minnesota offering help and support for anyone with a desire to stop using opiates and all other mind altering substances.  Unity of the Valley Spiritual Center is honored to help launch OA in Minnesota and to host OA meetings.

If you think that you may have a problem with opiates or other mind altering substances, attending one of our meetings may help you decide if you are an addict. If you want to tap into help and support from people and a program with proven success, this is the place for you.  No sign up or registration is needed.  Just show up at 7 pm on Sunday evenings.



If you have an idea for a group, course, or class and/or want to lead one, please contact the office 952-895-0745 or email