What I Deserve by Rev. Phil Smedstad

I deserve to know, to feel, and to express my oneness with God and with all of God’s qualities. This means that I deserve to experience myself as innocent, lovable, loving, powerful, fully alive, wise, and bursting with joy and enthusiasm.

I deserve to be at peace with myself and everyone else, and to be living in Heaven now.

I deserve to have all the loving, empowering, nourishing relationships I want to have. I deserve to be a true friend and to have true friendships.

I deserve to experience the abundance of God, which is within me, so that I can see this abundance reflected in my life as prosperity and health.

I deserve to know and live my vision. I deserve to fully express my talents and abilities in rewarding and joy-filled ways and to always experience that “to give is to gain.” I deserve to be completely open to all God wants me to have.

I deserve to experience myself as valuable and important, and to know that being myself is always enough. I deserve to know my oneness and equality with all people.


From the book Real Wealth: Creating the Life You Want from the Inside Out by Rev. Phil Smedstad, Transitional Minister and Counselor, Unity Worldwide Ministries