Rain Garden Dedication

This is a space that is dedicated to water conservation, the precious elixir of life without which our earthly existence would cease to be.

This is a space dedicated to community …

The community of volunteers who conceived the idea and created it

The community of Unity of the Valley which is committed to preserving not only this rain garden but to the conservation of Mother Earth

This is a space dedicated to reminding us of the wonder of God’s creation for which we are responsible.

This is a space to inspire gratitude and awe for Mother Father God, the Absolute Good that is everywhere present!

In Native American traditions, any gift of the land was acknowledged with an offering.   They recognized that the corn and wheat, the animals and waters that sustained them were ultimately a gift from Great Spirit, so they thanked the Provider of All with tobacco, considered to be a sacred herb.  Also in the Native American tradition, sage was used in rituals of purification.  So we used sage to represent the purity of spirit and our intention to purify and preserve our water through the means of our Rain Garden, and tobacco to thank God for this magnificent world.*

Prayer for the Earth

Mother Father God, we are grateful for All the Good that God is expressing as Planet Earth, this amazing globe upon on which we live.

We are grateful for Earth’s womb of life that nurtures the growth of seeds and forests, providing food and sustenance, and a home to all - flora, fauna and human alike.

We are grateful for the waters of the world that refresh and sustain us – bubbling brooks and streams, deep icy lakes, languid rivers, vast mysterious oceans, refreshing rains.

 We are grateful for the Earth’s inspiring beauty and its gifts to us of restoration, serenity and healing.

In gratitude, we affirm the health of our planet and commit ourselves to nurturing it assuredly as it nurtures us on our earthly journey!

In gratitude for refreshing rains and essential waters of life, we dedicate this garden, honoring Mother Father God, the Creator, honoring Mother Earth which sustains us, and honoring all who consciously protect her.

Having infused the sacred herbs with our love and blessing, we tossed them into the rain garden with our simple prayer of “Thank you, God!”

·          Many thanks for Greg McCracken who provided the organize sage and tobacco from his own gardens.