Sunday Lesson

10-08-2017 Rev. Laurie Brandt, "Embracing My True Self"
10-1-2017, Rev. Laurie Brandt, "TRUST That It's All Good"
09-24-2017, John Ruddy, "You Gotta Have Faith"
9-17-2017, Rev. Sher McNeal, "Merry Go Round"
9-10-2017, Rev. Laurie Brandt, "What's in a Name"
9-3-2017, Rev. Laurie Brandt, "Service With A Smile"
8-27-2017 "Forgive and Be Blessed', by Laurie Brandt
8-6-2017 Can You Out Give God? Rev. Laurie Brandt
7-30-2017, "Gratitude's Gift", Rev. Laurie Brandt
7-23-2017, "Abundant Living," Rev. Laurie Brandt