Sunday Lesson

1-15-2017, "The Paradox of Empowerment", Carol McCormick
1-8-2017, "Reframing Your Life", Drake Powe
12-25-2015 Rev. Sher McNeal, "It's Time to Celebrate"
12-18-2016 "Joy~Inner Wellspring of Liquid Light", Rev Richard Kiefer
12-4-16 "Making Peace with Imperfection", Rev Laurie Brandt
11-27-16 "From Hope to Faith", Rev. Sher McNeal
11-20-2016, Rev. Richard Kiefer, "Gathering Around the Horn of Plenty"
11-13-16 "Let's Get Real: Living from Your Authentic Self" ~ Mary Regnier
11-6-2016 "Peace, Be Still," Rev. Jeff Scheffler