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Rain Garden Dedication

This is a space that is dedicated to water conservation, the precious elixir of life without which our earthly existence would cease to be.

This is a space dedicated to community …

The community of volunteers who conceived the idea and created it

The community of Unity of the Valley which is committed to preserving not only this rain garden but to the conservation of Mother Earth

This is a space dedicated to reminding us of the wonder of God’s creation for which we are responsible.

The Invitation

Many thanks to the Ishaya teachers of Ascension Meditation for the engaging and meaningful gift! A beautifully framed copy of an original painting by Ishaya teacher Anamaya of Norway now adorns the hallway between the foyer and sanctuary. 

View it thoughtfully, taking in the forms of travelers steadily moving upward, the undulating shapes and rich colors. Allow The Invitation to speak to you.  

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