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Prayer Chaplain Ministry

Unity of the Valley Prayer Chaplain Ministry

Prayer Chaplains are members of our spiritual center who are trained to support you. They hold sacred space, listen with love, pray from their hearts, affirm that God is greater than any situation, and hold what they hear in confidence. They are available to pray with you after Sunday services and during prayer and meditation services, and they make monthly prayer support calls to members. You are invited to place your prayer requests in the prayer box at the center. Requests are prayed for at the Sunday services and by the prayer chaplains. After a month in prayer at Unity of the Valley, prayer requests are sent to Silent Unity, where they are held in prayer for another 30 days.
You can submit prayer requests to Unity of the Valley prayer chaplains at the link to the left on this site. If you would like to speak with someone in person on the phone, you can call Silent Unity 24 hours a day. Information is below. 

Silent Unity

For additional prayer support, please call Silent Unity 1 (800) NOW-PRAY (800-669-7729). For more information about Silent Unity prayer support, click here to go to the website: http://www.unity.org/prayer.

Tuesday Meditation

Every Tuesday from 11:00-11:30 a.m. in the Meditation Room, a prayer chaplain leads the same gentle, empowering meditation that's being held concurrently at Unity Village in Missouri. Partly guided and partly silent, the meditation is accompanied by quiet, relaxing music.


Unity of the Valley Prayer Chaplains

Karen Christensen
Co-Coordinator, Unity of the Valley's Prayer Chaplain Ministry

With a grateful heart I’m honored and feel privileged to have a role in the Prayer Chaplain Ministry at Unity of the Valley.

In recent years I've been blessed by attending Tuesday Meditations and Sunday Services as well as having attended classes and other events. 

To me, it became clear to take the path of a prayer chaplain and more recently co-coordinator of the prayer chaplain ministry.

I’m learning and growing as all are in these times of paradigm shifting and change.

I believe the more peaceful I am inside the greater my ability to respond with mutual respect and love for others.

For now, this is what I AM offering.

Thank you, Unity of the Valley congregants; together the energy we generate may contribute to the collective with calm and peacefulness.

Mary Schwantes
Unity of the Valley's Prayer Chaplain Ministry

I am very honored and pleased to be co-coordinating the Prayer Chaplain program with Karen Christensen.  I accepted this position after much thought and prayer and after I made my decision I felt at peace knowing it was divinely inspired.

I believe God works through each and every one of us, and I felt a strong sense that this was what I was called to do.  I am looking forward to serving, growing spiritually, and touching people through prayer, which I believe is the strongest connection we have to Spirit.

The Divine light in me honors the Divine light in you.



Ron Benner

My spiritual path has taken several different turns over the course of time. What drew me to the Prayer Chaplain Ministry was taking the next step in my spiritual journey—a journey that was finally grounded when I found that a spiritual solution was the only way to have a reprieve from addiction.

I have been blessed with many experiences in my recovery, most which just can't be explained other than a Higher Power I choose to call God being in charge. In the recovery community, these are called spiritual experiences, which I find more often in my life today than any other time. It helps to not be blinded as I can find myself in such a spot. I have found numerous ways to deal with this, and one of my favorites is to look for someone to help. I find a life of service far more rewarding, and hopefully I can be of service to you as well. One of my frequent prayers is not to have my prayers answered but rather to have the opportunity to be the answer to someone else's prayers. This way I get to be a part of God's miracles!!!

Yours in service, Ron


Shari Hawkinson

Spirit whispered to me in many ways that I could be a prayer chaplain now.  My father, Harold Bulmer and Bernadine Hughes have inspired me to take this step.  Our past and current prayer chaplain leaders have created an awesome program!  With much gratitude, I am honored to join them. 

The more I pray, the more I connect to the presence of Spirit.  In prayer, I see miracles beyond the circumstances that are happening, I affirm for myself that life is full of hope and faith. Prayer and meditation are foundations in my spiritual growth.  I have felt the spark of my divinity fan into a flame through prayer.  That flame has cleansed, healed and given me light and power for daily living.

My intention in being a Unity of the Valley prayer chaplain is to pray together in confidentiality, love, and renewal of Spirit.    A favorite prayer of mine is: "May all beings live with health, may all beings live with peace, may all beings live with ease."   Namaste


Peggy Henrikson

It’s been said that "God doesn't call the qualified. God qualifies the called."* I’m thankful for the opportunity to let God qualify me and to evolve in many ways through my participation in the Prayer Chaplain program. I’ve also been greatly inspired to see Spirit work through my prayer chaplain partners for their own expansion and the benefit of others at Unity of the Valley. Together, we hold our Center in Love, affirm the highest good for everyone involved, and envision Unity of the Valley as a beacon of Light in the world.  

*Mark Batterson, Draw the Circle: The 40 Day Prayer Challenge


Sherry Johnson

When I was a new member at Unity, I saw a summary of the topics that would be covered in the prayer chaplain training class. It looked interesting and I wanted to learn more. I went to the introductory meeting, and here I am in my eighth year as a prayer chaplain. I admit I had a lot to learn and was a bit out of my comfort zone at times, but because of the loving leadership and the wonderful training offered, I have grown in this role, and I know I’ve gotten way more from this experience than I could ever give back. Being a prayer chaplain started me on a powerful journey of learning, growing, and sharing with others at Unity of the Valley.



Mike Ameli

I’ve been attending Unity of Valley for 20 years and I love it. Several years ago, Bernadine Hughes (who initiated the Prayer Chaplain program at our center) urged me to become a prayer chaplain. Following the initial weekend training, I realized the experience I gained changed my way of looking at the purpose of praying and a lot more. I’m glad I made that decision.



Lynn Berc

I began my first year as a prayer chaplain in the fall of 2013, and it is a continuing and wonderful experience. My passion is twofold: working with people in a spiritually enhancing way and growing spiritually myself. Being a prayer chaplain allows me to fulfill both these desires. 



Bernadine Hughes

Guidance in prayer through Spirit






Judy Lytton

Being a prayer chaplain has already brought infinite blessings to my life—such as the heartfelt, interesting, fun, and spiritually enhancing interactions with my fellow prayer chaplains. It is a beloved bond. Also, praying with others allows me to share my belief in the power of prayer, feel Spirit working through me, and reach out to help and comfort others. I feel very blessed to be in this position.


Jeff Scheffler

What I like about the Prayer Chaplain Ministry is how it proves that prayer works in our lives. It’s a continual practice of becoming present to life—an avenue to connect with who we are and see the perfection in all things. I enjoy the chaplain program because it’s an avenue to serve—not only individuals but the Unity of the Valley community. When I pray with someone, it provides a sense of fulfillment. The prayer chaplain group is a wonderful network in which we honor the good in each other and support each other’s life process. It’s an avenue to learn, teach, and grow. I am blessed to be part of this group.