Meet Our New Youth Director

Our new Youth Director is Holly Circle-Steffen.  She has been an official member of Unity of the Valley since 1995. She has worn many hats including: Music Director, Prayer Chaplain, YOU Sponsor, Rainbow Circle Teacher, Guest Soloist and Guest Speaker. Holly has been singing professionally for 30 years and currently works as a Job Coach for high school students with special needs. As they volunteer they gain job skills and experience.

Holly has been married to Jimmy (our Music Director) for 28 years and they have one son Kenny and a sweet dog named Rosie.  Holly and Jimmy's biggest joy is creating music together. Being raised in Unity churches in Phoenix and Tempe Arizona has been beneficial for her growth and learning to navigate her way through the ups and downs of the human experience. A quote from Holly states, "Knowing God within, who loves me unconditionally, means I am safe, loved and free to be the best me I can! Imagine is all children grew up knowing this?"

She is ready to give it her best. She is ready to learn and grow and to continue to support all children. The lyrics to one of her favorite songs says it all.

May all children - May all the children everywhere live in peace. Peaceful minds, peaceful hearts, peace on Earth! Sweet Peace on Earth!

Let's welcome Holly to her new position.